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Manager of Operations

El Dorado, KS
Company: Butler Electric Cooperative
Job Title: Manager of Operations
Job Classification: Exempt, Full-time
Reporting Relationship: Vice-President of Administration and Finance

Primary Accountability:
The Manager of Operations is responsible for planning, supervising and directing the Cooperative’s field crews in the areas of construction and maintenance of electric distribution facilities. In addition, this position is responsible for directing all activities of the Operations Department, as well as applies all of the policies and procedures according to the Board/Management policies, instructions and accepted practices.

Major Duties:
  • Reviews the functions and activities of the Operations Department and recommends the organizational structure necessary to meet the Cooperative's objectives in construction, maintenance and service to the Vice-President of Administration.
  • Assists in the development of long-range plans, an overall work plan and budget, as well as recommendations for improvement.
  • Reviews position descriptions and specifications for the Operations Department.
  • Works with Human Resources to: interview, hire, ensure compliance of regulations, discipline and terminate personnel for the Operations Department.
  • Recommends wage and salary adjustments for the Operations Department personnel in accordance with the Cooperative’s wage and salary plan.
  • Appraises the performance of the Operations Department personnel and counsels the appraised employees in order to help the employees develop and improve.
  • Develops training programs for the Operations Department personnel and determines if the department is thoroughly trained in accordance with the qualifications and requirements of their position.
  • Develops and stimulates morale, as well as motivates team spirit throughout the Operations Department by providing appropriate delegations, recognition of accomplishments, coaching and counseling.
  • Assists in the formulation and recommendation of Board and cooperative policies.
  • Formulates and recommends operational policies for the Operations Department.
  • Initiates and/or directs studies for the continuous improvement of construction, maintenance, service, safety and training activities of the Operations Department.
  • Assists, as a member of the senior staff team, in developing a future vision, confers on mutual problems, facilitates interdepartmental communications and shares in the determination and formulation of management policies and internal procedures.
  • Supports and assists with development of procedures for all divisions and the overall operation of the Cooperative.
  • Develops procedures for the Operations Department by consulting with immediate staff and other department heads.
  • Develops recommendations for the Vice-President of Administration and Finance on the purchase and replacement of equipment, as well as establishes adequate maintenance and service schedules in accordance with approved Cooperative policies and procedures.
  • Makes frequent field checks on work in progress to ensure adherence to established standards, practices and safety requirements.
  • Reviews, approves, and initials time reports, outage reports, job orders, and other reports which reflect time spent, work accomplished, material and equipment used.
  • Inspects assigned equipment to ensure there is proper performance in maintenance and handling.
  • Holds frequent meetings with the Operations department to determine problems and needs which exist within the department.
  • Reviews RUS bulletins which affect engineering and construction, as well as initiates or recommends action necessary for compliance.
  • Advises and counsels personnel on special items beyond their control and makes necessary decisions.
  • Cooperates and collaborates with RUS and consulting engineers in matters of design when operation procedures and future construction is involved. Reviews technical information received from engineers.
  • Arranges planned outages for the Construction and Maintenance Departments.
  • Meets with the sales engineers and factory representatives to discuss the application of their products to the Cooperative.
  • Investigates accidents and prepares the accident report when assigned personnel are involved.
  • Assists in negotiating with other electric utilities, as required.
  • Plans and administers maintenance programs including changing out poles, insulators, faulty Sectionalizing devices, cross arms and guys.
  • Authorizes vacation schedules and overtime for the Operations Department, as needed.
  • Participates in job training, attends safety meetings and the annual Cooperative meeting.
  • Plans daily work for crews and assigns staking sheets to the Crew Chief.
  • Provides monthly reports to the Board of Trustees outlining work accomplished by the Operations Department and attends monthly board meetings as needed.
  • Coordinates operations crews and mutual aid crews during disaster event.
  • Manages power costs through load and generation management.
  • Supports and lends manpower, as needed, to all co-op enterprises, including broadband efforts.
  • Fosters a positive relationship and communicates with contractors.
  • Performs additional duties as assigned.
  • High School diploma or GED is required.
  • At least five (5) years of experience in progressively more responsible supervision and management positions in electric utility operations work.
  • Ability to respond and be on call as needed is required.
  • Completion of vocational/technical training is required.
  • A valid commercial driver’s license is required.
  • Completion of college courses in practical electrical engineering and basic business management is preferred.
  • Knowledgeable about distributed generation, electric vehicles and future of the electric grid.
  • Must have experience motivating people in a team effort, developing plans, programs, goals and standards to measure results.
  • Must possess a thorough knowledge of modern office practices, procedures and equipment, including word processors, computers, office automation, calculators, scanners, copiers and other standard office equipment.
  • Knowledge of the RUS construction specifications, RUS accepted material manual, safety manual, service policies and conditions, RUS contract forms, and any and all other policies and manuals involved in the activities of the Operations Department.
  • Knowledge of the composition and proper form of correspondence and reports to utilize.
  • Knowledge of electric distribution operation, National Electric Safety Code and RUS specifications.
  • Understanding and the ability to utilize business English, spelling and arithmetic, as well as basic electric distribution, substation and transmission operations.
  • Ability to effectively communicate, present information and respond to questions, both in a written and verbal manner.
  • The ability to use foresight, strategy and vision for the benefit of the membership and progression of the co-op.
  • Ability to develop and administer a budget.
  • Ability to train, supervise and counsel subordinates.
  • Ability to maintain effective work relations with management, department heads, Cooperative officials, contractors, consultants, employees and the general public.
  • Ability to interpret and apply administrative policies, rules, regulations and procedures of the Cooperative to work processes.
  • Ability to build and maintain positive public relations for the Cooperative.
  • Ability to attend night or weekend meetings and work nights and weekends as required on an intermittent basis.
  • Ability to demonstrate a personality which is pleasant, cooperative and mature.
  • Supervisor training and continuing education as required.
Physical Demands:
  • Ability to walk, climb tall poles preferred and stand to a significant degree.
  • Ability to stand, lift, carry, push, pull, balance, stoop, reach, handle, talk, hear, see, grasp, move head and neck and movement across mid-line.
  • Ability to lift up to fifty (50) pounds with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to twenty-five (25) pounds.
  • Finger dexterity, manual dexterity, alertness, precision, form perception, motor coordination, auditory discrimination and tactile discrimination.
Work Environment:
  • Outside/outdoor environment includes extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as wet and/or humid weather conditions.
  • Mechanical or electrical burn and chemical hazards possible with moderate risk of injury.
  • Minimal possibility of exposure to toxic wastes.
  • Frequently stressful atmosphere with long or irregular hours.
Additional Duties:
Additional duties and responsibilities may be added to this job description at any time. The job description does not state or imply that these are the only activities to be performed by the employee holding this position. Employees are required to follow any other job-related instructions and to perform any other job-related responsibilities as requested by their supervisor.
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