Nursery Attendant

Location: TOPEKA, KS
Date Posted: 08-15-2018
Company: First Presbyterian Church
Position: Nursery Attendant

To provide child care and structure to children in a safe, nurturing, and caring environment while parents attend Sunday morning Christian education, church worship, fellowship time, meetings, and other church related events. The attendant should be warm, loving, and work to provide an environment that reassures parents as they leave their children in the nursery.

1. Provides children and parents with emotional support, maintains a friendly, positive attitude. Treats everyone in a courteous, caring, honest and trustworthy manner.
2. Confidentiality is respected in all dealings with children and parents.
3. Recognizes and places the individual needs of children and parents above other needs.
4. Deals with problems promptly and responds in a calm rational manner.
5. Utilizes work time for performing job duties, not for personal activities (such as use of personal phone, personal reading, eating, etc.)
6. Clearly communicates nursery procedures to children and adults.
7. Communicates with children at their level of understanding.

1. Arrives at church nursery 15 minutes prior to and stays 15 minutes after scheduled nursery times. This time is used to prepare and clean the work area.
2. Notifies immediate supervisor of absenteeism or tardiness as early as possible and no later than one hour prior to scheduled work. Notifies immediate supervisor of any schedule changes.
3. Maintains clean, neat appearance and wears acceptable attire for the work environment and position.
4. Welcomes each child at his level and interacts with the children encouraging their involvement in activities.
5. Assists the nursery coordinator with structured activities that include attendance in worship through the Children’s Moment, story time, crafts, games, etc.

1. Provides child care in a safe, nurturing Christian atmosphere.
2. Follows guidelines for hygiene and demonstrates appropriate technique for the children.
3. Interacts and plays with the children with planned activities.
4. Speaks to children in loving and gentle tone of voice on their level.
5. Responsible for the general cleanliness and maintenance of nursery, toys and supplies.
6. Properly documents arrival and departure of all children.
7. Has knowledge of and demonstrates proper procedures for fire, tornado and disaster situations and drills.
8. Fills in for the nursery coordinator in his or her absence.
9. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Must be 18 or older and have a high school diploma or equivalent preferred.
2. Understanding of basic first aid, including child/infant CPR training (or must be willing to become certified).
3. Current health assessment record and tuberculin test.
4. Ability to interact with children in a manner appropriate to their age.
5. Ability to maintain calm manner and not raise voice to control or discipline children.
6. Background check must reveal no criminal issues.
7. Must complete the training and agree to follow the Child and Youth Protection Policy.
Experience: Child care experience in private or business setting for a minimum of six months
mandatory. Please provide references.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
1. Red Cross or other baby-sitting course preferred.
2. Must have basic knowledge of safety, hygiene, and emergency and disaster procedures.
3. Strong Christian faith.
4. Eager to work as part of a ministry team.
5. Should use curriculum/music provided by the Christian Education Committee.
6. Enjoys working with children.
7. A self-starter, requiring minimal supervision and a diligent, dependable worker.
8. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, especially dealing with parents and children in a professional manner.
9. Job requires ability to lift and carry small children.
10. Must be able to visually observe children in the nursery and when on playground.

Will be supervised by the Head of Staff. All non-ordained staff positions at First Presbyterian include a 90-day probationary period.

Sundays from 8:30 to 11:45 a.m. to noon and as needed while parents attend church worship, church school, meetings and other church-related events.

This part-time position is not eligible for benefits.

$50 per Sunday (school year); $30 per Sunday (summer).

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